David has everything in view. The IT manager knows that the colleagues in Los Angeles need three new computers. The printer that Tom from Marketing ordered is already on its way to his house. Mr. Johnson's service request is already being processed by the service provider. And the people from sales know that they have to send their devices back by next week – of course, the correct data deletion has already been taken care of.

David was able to do this with little effort, because only one software connects him with colleagues, manufacturers and service providers. Once set up, management processes run by themselves. In tesma or in your own system, the ideal support is available to you.

How does tesma work?

All asset data accessible for easy needs assessment

Automated processes for shipping

Self-service for incidents


Tom from Marketing enjoys the freedom. Because he now simply orders his new work equipment himself. Using self-service, he chooses from several laptop models. If he wants, he can upgrade to a more powerful smartphone. This makes IT happy: IT Manager David no longer has to worry about determining requirements.

Marie from Purchasing also feels the relief. tesma is connected to various partners and suppliers via fully digital workflows. For example, she buys the equipment for Kai, her new sales colleague, in a bundle: At the touch of a button, a notebook, smartphone, accessories and the right services, end up in the shopping cart. And the leasing and purchase orders are automatically sent to the various suppliers and service providers.

How does tesma work?

Digital integration of any number of suppliers

Self-service or bulk orders

All data in one system


Laura from Controlling is planning the budget for the next quarter today. She logs in and sees at a glance what expenses will be incurred in the next three months. She wants to know more about one position - three clicks later, a report breaks down the costs incurred at the Atlanta site in May. Another look at the digitally stored rental slips and off we go.

Laura also approves invoices much faster. To do this, she fetches invoice data from tesma into her own system – simply with a mouse click via the EDI interface. She conveniently compares invoice amounts.

Whether budget planning or invoice approval: tesma gives Laura an overview of the cash flows of all devices. A basis for decision-making with high data quality that she is happy to rely on.

How does tesma work?

Digital workflows mean easier budgeting, consumption planning, and capacity planning

Manage and allocate costs based on where they are incurred, including internationally

Payment streams at a glance – EDI data made available digitally


The important key figures are available at a glance, asset management and procurement efficiently automated, mobile working runs smoothly: CEO Amy is happy to rely on her new software. With tesma, she can intelligently combine and evaluate asset data from different systems - a great aid in decision-making.  Your company has taken a step forward on the path to sustainable digital transformation.

Amy also knows exactly what the climate footprint of her fleet of devices is: A quick report and she gets an overview of all devices with CO2 compensation. A list that also interests many employees. And the employer brand – together with new freedom in the choice of equipment – ​​gives additional motivation.



How does tesma work?

Automate asset management and procurement, including internationally

Boost your employer branding

Use data from tesma in your own systems