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How Clariant moved to a digital workplace and optimized its IT operations.

Our customer CLARIANT

13,235 employees at 85 locations on all continents. Over 3.8 billion Swiss francs in sales revenue. Impressive figures that make CLARIANT stand out as a leading global player in the specialty chemicals sector. Our long-standing partnership with Clariant, which has gained further momentum through a seamless and digital device lifecycle management process. 



Rapidly required digital enablement of workforce


Skilled IT workers had no time for core tasks as they were managing IT fleet


Need for more efficient, automated device management

Digital, automated processes from ordering to returns

During the coronavirus pandemic, CLARIANT needed a new, efficient way to equip their employees with the digital equipment they needed right away. The need had already been recognized, but now it had to happen very quickly: A solution was needed that would automate workflows for device management.

Our customized technology2use success formula for CLARIANT


1,200 smartphones for employees in Germany and other equipment to enable work from anywhere.


Leasing: "Usage instead of ownership" is the motto of our financing concept. With regular instalments instead of large investments, leasing offers better budget planning and protects liquidity.


Lifecycle Management Services, self-service portal tesma® for direct ordering of devices by employees and certified data erasure services with eraSURE

Lifecycle Management Services

Our lifecycle management services cover the entire life cycle of the devices. This includes pre-configuration of mobile devices, delivery to the home office or office, support and maintenance, rapid replacement in the event of a defect and greater sustainability by reconditioning the devices for a second product life.


CLARIANT's device management was reorganized with the help of our asset management platform tesma. Employees can easily order their own devices from a defined catalog via the self-service feature within tesma Portal. Approvals, rollouts, delivery, service and maintenance, device returns: everything is now automated and processes are error-free and significantly accelerated. The perfect solution to relieve CLARIANT's IT department, allowing them to invest more time for core tasks.

tesma en


The combination of self-service and automated processes in our asset management platform tesma® benefits everyone involved: employees always have access to new devices and can order equipment themselves. Device management is automated, from ordering, delivery, and use to maintenance, service and return. By linking technical and commercial data, the IT department has an overview of everything at the touch of a button. Due to the relief of operational work, they can devote themselves more effectively to their strategic tasks.

Sabine Tschöp, project manager at CLARIANT, was very satisfied with our customized solution. 

"This meant that we bought a product that was one hundred percent tailored to our needs and didn't have to purchase components in packages that we didn't need."
Sabine Tschöp, Procurement Manager, Corporate Services at CLARIANT in Germany
Problems solved in numbers


66 %

of a knowledge worker's time is taken up by desk-based work and "managing across"

Reduce operating costs

90 %

of organizations faced consequences due to IT staff dedicating time to manual, repetitive tasks.

Increase agility

53 %

of organizations report a growing time spend for IT teams to manage technologies and infrastructure.

Success tools

tesma - all data in one system

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Carbon-neutral leasing

Greater sustainability in IT procurement
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Data security through certified erasure procedures
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