A cross-border funding solution

As an independent provider with decades of experience funding entire projects, CHG-MERIDIAN is familiar with global taxation and legal systems. We will show you what funding hurdles to look out for.

German corporate tax law extends to some 1,700 pages. The US rulebook is even fatter, with more than 5,000 pages. What is the best way from a legal and tax perspective for a company to plan and implement a project to invest in IT infrastructure at an international level? Even the most experienced of CIOs is highly unlikely to have the expertise that this requires.

The CIO’s objective is to implement a standardized solution for all relevant sites, with uniform processes that take account of local conditions and cover everything from procurement through to remarketing.

The finance department, however, frequently struggles not only with finding the optimum solution in terms of tax and legal requirements but also with the funding itself. In their operations abroad, medium-sized businesses and international corporations often find it difficult to quickly secure local funding on acceptable terms.

This is why it is good to place international infrastructure procurement projects in the hands of an experienced expert with a global reach. A provider of funding for entire projects that is very familiar with the global and local tax and legal situation. That sets German quality standards for international projects. That has treasury operations worldwide and yet is streamlined and can act quickly. That can cover the entire lifecycle of IT projects.

Efficient Technology Management® that meets your requirements – this is what we offer. Contact us now – we have read those thousands of pages for you.


“Do you know which customized business concept and which type of funding are ideal for your international sites?”
“Do you know how to implement IT projects abroad efficiently?”
“Do you know how you can optimize the tax situation for your IT funding in Miami, Munich, and Madrid simultaneously?”
Guy Poirier Vice President, Canada

“Flexible customized business concepts and funding concepts can be implemented quickly, simply, and cost-effectively, even at sites abroad – this is almost impossible for a company to achieve alone.”


I am looking forward to talking about international support with you.

Guy Poirier

Vice President Sales, Canada

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